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Афганское племенное кольцо с сердоликом

кольца, Афганистан и Средняя Азия, Племенные украшения Кучи, Кольца

Афганское племенное кольцо с сердоликом
Афганское племенное кольцо с сердоликом
Афганское племенное кольцо с сердоликом
Афганское племенное кольцо с сердоликом

Артикул: 1308

Афганское племенное кольцо с сердоликом
Юго-восточный Афганистан (регион Газни), пуштуны-Кучи, первая половина 20-го века
Серебро (80%), ручная работа
Вставка -  сердолик
Размер вставки - 12/9 мм
Высота от пальца - 5 мм
Вес - 5 г.
Размер - 19,5
Камень имеет малозаметные сколы с двух сторон.
Afghan Vintage men's  Silver Ring with Pale Aqeeq Carnelian
Afghanistan, Pashtoons
Insert - Carneol (Aqeeq)
Insert size - 12/9 mm (0,5/0,4 ")
Size  - 19,5 (9,5 for USA)
Wearing rings is very common among men in Middle East. Many mens there wears on his right hand one or two rings. Most often the ring is worn on the index finger, or little finger, but sometimes on the ring. As the material of the rings they prefer high-grade silver, wearing gold jewelry is not allowed to men in Islam. Especially popular are rings and rings with turquoise, and carnelian signet, adorned with beautifully engraved calligraphic script the name of Allah and the Prophet, short prayers, Holy names, etc. But as inserts can be used with other gems, rock crystal, agate, chrysoprase. The Aghans do not expose the stones to cutting, preferring cabochons or smooth sawn seals. But sometimes the jeweler keeps the natural surface of the stone, emphasizing the perfection of nature. Rings may not necessarily be new, it often happens that the owners change or resell your jewelry, some rings are passed from father to son.

Цена: 2,750.00руб

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