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Панно, перегородчатая эмаль, - автор Александр Емельянов. - Hot Enamel Cloisonne - St. Petersburg. Hot Cloisonne Enamel on Copper

Перегородчатая эмаль
Перегородчатая эмаль

Александр Емельянов

Панно "Петербургское лето"
115/80 мм
Размер рамы - 235/200 мм
Перегородчатая эмаль на меди

Hand crafted Cloisonne Enamel Decorative Panel - Sunny Day in the St Petersburg
Author - Alexandr Emelyanov
Copper, Hot Cloisonne Enamel, wooden frame.
Size of panel without frame - 115/80 mm. (4,5/3 ").
With the frame - 200/235 mm. (8/9 ").

Made by Alexandr Emelyanov in 2011.

It`s a unique art work made in ancient cloisonne technique with using author's special high temperature enamels.

Emelyanov Alexandr. (born in 1976)

Russian artist based in in St-Petersburg, Working in oil painting and a rare ancient technique of cloisonne - hot enamel on copper.

In his works he uses the symbols of ancient cultures, sacral heomethry, eastern ornaments, the sufi symbolic, early Christian symbols, etc.

Hot enamel keeps its colors for centuries, it`s the one of the most long-lasting techniques of applied arts.

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